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Consumer Info

Get the cash you need and you get to keep your car

You get the cash you need and get to keep your car. CashPoint helps you avoid the possibility of needing to sell your vehicle at a below-market price to a used car dealer.

No Credit Check

CashPoint does not check your credit when you get an advance or affect your credit score if you default, in most cases. Getting the cash you need without affecting your credit rating can be a huge plus if you have a marginal credit score.

Toll-free Customer Service Number

CashPoint has a customer service staff devoted to answering your questions or issues. If you have any questions or issues regarding your title transaction just call 1-888-EZ-BUCKS during normal business hours. If you do not call during business hours, leave a message with your contact information and a customer service representative will return your call the next business day.

Availability of the loan is subject to the customer’s ability to repay and vehicle condition. Terms and conditions contained in the contract between the borrower and CashPoint apply.